Lead Like Jesus

Lead Like Jesus is our new program which was rolled out in November 2013. We partner with Lead Like Jesus team to run a leadership program in Kenya. We hear a desperate cry from around the world for a different leadership role model. LLJ offers that alternative.

We believe JESUS is the perfect model that transforms us and those we influence. Lead Like Jesus is on mission to integrate Jesus into the lives and leadership of as many people as possible: To demonstrate God’s love for people while helping them change the way they live, love and lead.

Recognizing leaders as anyone who influences the thinking, behavior, or development of others, the message of Lead Like Jesus impacts all people at the core of their leadership – their heart. Only Jesus can transform the leader and those he influences, but changes large and small take place as you study and grow with other participants in your life events and ongoing programs.

We have since held LLJ encounters in many parts of Kenya targeting leaders from all walks of life. We have also launched IGNITE; a youth leadership program.

If you need any of these programs please contact us.