John Awanda - Scripture Engagement

John Awanda, a farmer, lives in Muhoroni (Kisumu) located approximately 217 miles from BL-Kenya offices in Nairobi. He is a member of one local church. John grew up attending church and he was actively involved. He went to school and attained primary education. However, he had no chance to pursue further education because his parents did not value education; still there were no resources. Luckily he got employment with Kenyan government in Ministry of Public Health as a clerk. During his time of employment John indulged himself into abuse of alcohol and immoral behaviors; he became so irresponsible and was infected with HIV/Aids virus. He also deserted his family. With time his health deteriorated, he became unproductive at work and lost employment. He was rejected and stigmatized by the society; he lived a miserable life.John & Wife

When he had completely lost hope in life, he joined Care for Aids - Kisumu - in September, 2013 the organization that transforms and empowers people living with HIV/Aids both physically and spiritually. Geoffrey, the group Coordinator, engaged John with other group members in Project Philip Program to study God’s word using materials provided by Balm Africa. Bible study program held twice every week gave John an opportunity to grow and know Christ. He knew the secret to a peaceful life was to accept Christ. He desired to live a fruitful life and regain all what he had lost. He gave his life to Christ in December, 2013.

John is now a happy and strong man. The transformation in his life has opened many opportunities. He has since reconciled with his family and is using every chance to teach them the word of God. He is actively serving in church and is reaching out especially to men who are infected with HIV/Aids, speaking to them message of hope in Christ. At the moment he is engaging elderly m en into study of God’s word. His health has also greatly improved, glory to God.

Dominique (Mrs. Kibui) - Lead Like Jesus

Mr. and Mrs. Kibui are the senior pastors of Upendo church in Nyali, Mombasa. Dominique (Mrs. Kibui) who is a professional counselor has professional training in Leadership as well.Dominique

When she was called to attend the Lead Like Jesus encounter, she says “I first ignored it because I have attended many leadership courses and I didn’t think the one-day-encounter would be of any help to me. In fact, I thought this was not up-to-my standard. I therefore planned to coordinate some of our Church leaders to attend but later on together with my husband we thought; why not give it a trial.

I now can confidently say I was wrong. Out of all the leadership trainings I have attended, nothing compares to what I learnt during the encounter. It’s time to change my leadership style and lead like Jesus. This was such a refreshing course; it has put me back on course again and I will lead as the master designed it to be” Besides is Dominique receiving her certificate from Rev. Mugo after the LLJ Encounter held in Mombasa on May 9, 2014